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Maths at Angel Road Schools


At Angel Road Schools our maths provision aims to build confident, resilient mathematicians who can work fluently and practically with number, solve problems in and out of context and use reasoning to justify and prove thinking. We use metacognition strategies (explaining our thinking) to widen children’s thinking skills and ensure that the knowledge we teach sticks with children. Our curriculum builds mathematical knowledge through a mastery approach to maths. Our curriculum encourages children to use concrete, pictorial and abstract (CPA) representations when working with number. You can find some more background information about these approaches here:

Everything you need to know about mastery in mathematics


In maths lessons, Angel Road children will revisit and build on their previous learning through a ‘Flashback 4’. They will learn and re-learn key vocabulary and use this in mathematical talk. Teachers use appropriate assessment for learning strategies to make sure that they are able to spot any gaps in children’s knowledge and address any misconceptions or misunderstandings. Our children see teachers who model solving calculations and problems and give children the time and support to practise these independently.

Angel Road Schools use MyMastery by Ark Curriculum+ to support planning, assessment and teaching sequences. You can find more information about MyMastery below. Our teachers use the curriculum maps to plan learning but they also change and adapt this depending on their assessments and the needs of the children in their class.

Take a look at the ‘Maths at Angel Road’ document below for more information. At Angel Road Schools we hold a simple belief that all children can achieve and progress well in mathematics, so that they leave our school ready for the next stage of their education.


You can help at home by:

-        you can continue to help your child by talking about maths positively at home. Children are influenced by those around them - if they hear people say they can’t do maths, or they hate maths, they may develop a more negative attitude towards the subject.

-        encouraging your child to learn their times tables, especially if they are in years 3 and 4. Knowledge of times tables will help your child to be a confident mathematician.

Maths priorities 22-23


Support teachers with the introduction of MyMastery by Ark Curriculum+.

Use the resources to further develop the subject knowledge of all adults in our school.
Embed provision for some of our SEND learners so that key concepts and learning are adapted appropriately.Build teacher subject knowledge in specific areas: geometry and position and direction and algebra.Embed provision for our disadvantaged learners through wider school strategies.