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Significant Change Consultation

The proposal is for the Evolution Academy Trust to permanently relocate pupils attending the Angel Road Junior School onto the Angel Road Infant school site.


This frequently asked questions document will support stakeholders by answering the key questions that will help them to engage in the consultation.




Angel Road Junior School was formerly part of the Diversa Multi-Academy Trust and became part of Evolution Academy Trust in September 2019.


The school building was originally constructed in the 1800s.  It was structurally repaired in 2017/18 to address issues of subsidence in one part of the school.  However, other building condition issues remain such as penetrating damp, spalling brick work on the outer wall, unsatisfactory window condition, extensive pitched roof repairs and a canteen building that is beyond life expectancy.


1. Why is it necessary to hold a consultation?


Under Department for Education ‘Making significant changes to an open academy’ guidance; Multi-Academy Trusts such as the Evolution Academy Trust must consult with their community when proposing to make significant changes to the operation of an open Academy.


Permanently relocating pupils from the Junior School site on the Infant School site is classed as a significant change.


In addition to this the Evolution Academy Trust wishes to listen to the views of its stakeholders, identify concerns raised by this proposal and mitigate them where possible.


2. Why does the Evolution Academy Trust need to permanently relocate the Angel Rd Junior School onto the Angel Road Infant school site?


The safety of pupils and staff is of paramount importance to the Evolution Academy Trust.   


The Trust has been forced to close the Angel Road Junior school site as it can no longer guarantee the safety of pupils, staff, and visitors to the school.


The Trust has come to this conclusion based on expert reports and investigations commissioned into the condition of the building, following 3 incidences since February 2020, when failing lath and plaster ceilings caused partial collapses of material into the hall, hallway, and a classroom


3. What are the current temporary arrangements?


Pupils at the Junior School are relocated to a nearby primary school with excess capacity and temporary additional classrooms at the Infants School.


The Trust’s long-term aim is to provide fully permanent accommodation for an all-through primary school which encourages community access and takes advantage of the site and position of Angel Road Schools, and plans are underway to deliver this.


4. Why is it not possible to repair and make the Angel Road Junior school site safe for occupation?


The cost of works to repair to address the issues listed above and a provide pupils with a standard of environment they need, and the Trust expects, is estimated to cost circa £1.8m.  There are many unknowns regarding the extent of works beyond the initial estimate.


The cost to construct the required additional accommodation to permanently relocate pupils onto the Infant School site is estimated to cost circa £1m in phase 1.


The role of the Trust is to ensure that any building solution is sustainable and future proofed, and the significant age of the Junior School and areas failing leads to further uncertainty.  The solution to invest in the Infant School site with the money available leads to a more certain future for the pupils of these schools.


5. Who will pay for the additional accommodation necessary to educate Junior School pupils on the Infant School site?


The construction of sufficient additional accommodation to house the four key stage 2 year groups will be funded by the Evolution Academy Trust, through a combination of reserves and the use of an annual capital grant paid to the Trust by the Education Skills and Funding Agency (ESFA) to maintain and enhance the condition of infrastructure assets.


6. What will happen to the Angel Road Junior School site?


The Angel Road Junior School site is currently occupied by the Evolution Academy Trust under a long-term lease from Norfolk County Council.


Under the terms of this lease, the Evolution Academy Trust will return the site to the ownership of Norfolk County Council.  The Trust will not benefit financially from handing back the site to the Council.


The future use of the site will then be a matter for Norfolk County Council Children’s Services.


7. How can I take part in the consultation?


Please refer to the online consultation questionnaire below to contribute your views.


8. What are the next steps?


This consultation will for 4 weeks and close on Friday 27th May 2022.


The Trust will then collate, analyse, and consider responses, mitigate concerns where feasible and apply to the Regional Schools Commissioners office for approval.


9. How can I receive updates on the consultation process and outcome of the application to the RSC?


Please continue to refer to our website at for updates.


The consultation report summarising the consultation process and findings will be added to the website once it has been approved by the Evolution Academy Trust Board.