Pupil Premium

Pupil premium strategy report for parents

The Government allocates pupil premium funding to schools aimed at supporting pupils who are entitled to free school meals, have been entitled to free school meals in the last six years, children looked after by the Local Authority or children of Armed Service personnel. For the academic year 2019-2020 the school will receive £168,960.

We are committed to spending this money to ensure that these pupils are safe, healthy, confident individuals; and active, successful learners with high aspirations for their future.

Objective 1: For pupils to make good progress across the curriculum through consistently good or better teaching in every class and additional support.

  • Weekly learning walks and book looks will allow teachers to receive regular feedback on their practice.
  • Teachers will receive regular training and share best practice with their colleagues.
  • Teachers will work 1:1 with children throughout the year.
  • Knowledge organisers will be used to help children remember knowledge across the curriculum.

Objective 2: To provide targeted interventions/ support/ challenge during the year to ensure that children make good rates of progress and any gaps are narrowed.

  • Children encouraged to participate in after school activities.
  • A focus will be on increasing children’s range of vocabulary and giving children opportunities to read a wide range of texts.
  • Interventions for children will be tracked to ensure impact.

Objective 3: To provide emotional, well-being, and where necessary, behaviour support to ensure that children are in class with a positive attitude to their learning.

  • Our learning mentor and deputy head teacher will work with identified children to provide support and strategies which raise vulnerable children’s self-esteem and confidence, helping them to take an active part in our school community.

Objective 4: Increase learning time

  • To closely monitor children’s attendance and punctuality and work with children and families to ensure all children attend school regularly.

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