Homework at Angel Road

We value your support in working with your children with a few activities at home. We would like your help in practising the important skills of reading, spelling and maths. These activities need regular practice and some extra work at home makes a big difference in school.

We hope that the homework activities help parents keep informed about the kind of learning that is going on in school. Also it helps the children understand that learning does not just happen at school, helping them with routines that they will need as they go through their education.


Research shows that the most important homework activity for any child is to read with an adult. This includes the adult reading to the child. Remember to enjoy what you are reading and talk about what you have read and what you think about it.

Questions to ask about what you are reading…..

Why did the character do that? What do you think will happen next? How does that make you feel?

Why is the text laid out in that way? Where is the story happening? Tell me about the main character? How are the paragraphs organised? Why did the writer use that word?


This may be a specific maths skill such as a times table or using www.sumdog.com. The emphasis should be on practising facts to help improve the child’s fluency.

Ways to practise mental maths with your child

Chant or sing – Forwards or backwards, Quick fire questions 3 X 4 = ?, 6 X 3 =? Inverse operations 24 divided by 4 =? Missing numbers 40 + ? = 100 Write out a list, Colour patterns on a number square


The children will have a spelling pattern to learn for the week. They could use this list to LOOK (at the words), COVER (them up), WRITE (them out without looking!) and CHECK (you have spelt them correctly). Or they could make a list of words that match the pattern or rule. Your child could put the words into sentences but try and get them to vary their sentences by starting with verbs, nouns, adverbs or adjectives.

Homework task

We provide a list of tasks for the children to choose from. These can be worked through in any order and reflect the kind of work that the children are involved with in school. The aim is to provide something interesting for the children to work on and help them establish a homework routine. One task should be completed each week. In Year 6 this is replaced by an English based task which is set once per week.

We ask you to sign the record sheet when your child completes a task. House tokens are given to children with good homework records.