Message from Head of School 19th June 2020

Dear Mums, Dads and Carers,

I hope that you have all had a good week.

As you are aware, we currently have key worker and Year 6 children in school following the Government guidance regarding which year groups to prioritise. We are following social distancing and hygiene guidelines and making use of the available staff and space within school.

We have slowly increased the number of Year 6 children that we have in school and have a few places remaining.  If you have indicated that you do not wish your child to return to school or haven’t responded, we are now looking to fill that capacity with other children and therefore there may not be empty places available at a later date.

We are fully aware that the majority of our children are continuing with learning at home. We have seen some absolutely amazing clips of children taking part in the virtual activity day organised by Mr Cunningham; the information is on the website if you haven’t already seen it.

We are currently investigating ways that we can connect with you all in a more interactive way.

If you are concerned about your child’s lack of engagement with their learning, please speak to your child’s class teacher so that you can discuss options. You can either wait for the KIT call or you can call the office and book in a phone conversation with the teacher.

We are also thinking creatively about how we might be able to get more children in school for short outside sessions. We are hoping to be able to offer reading workshops to all children in Year 3,4 and 5 before the Summer holidays and we are in the process of ensuring that our plans meet the guidance for social distancing and hygiene. We will keep you fully informed.

Kind regards

Alison Whalen

Head of School