Parent update/staff training 29.05.20

Dear Families

Despite the very challenging circumstances we still find ourselves in, I hope you managed to have a reasonable half term.

You will know we have been preparing and planning for the gradual widening and re-opening of school for eligible groups (Nursery, Reception, Y1 and Y6) across both schools. Last week I wrote to you to explain we were awaiting a number of different aspects to ensure the safe expansion of places we can offer. Please refer back to that update.

Because of the work we have undertaken during half term, I am pleased to announce we are in a position to open more widely from Tuesday June 2nd. 

This decision has been made in partnership with Lynsey Holzer (CEO) and EAT trustees. School governors have been informed of the process. I want to reassure you that the process is under constant review.  I hope the you feel you have been kept informed and that you are able to understand the issues we are facing.

  • In Angel Road Infants this will be for Nursery and Reception children who previously requested places. We will not be open for Year 1. You will receive a phone call on Monday with further details.
  • In Angel Road Junior this is for Year 6 only. 
  • Key worker and children who have been attending during previously can attend on June 1st.

CAUTION: We are awaiting delivery of some critical PPE equipment to ensure staff are safe if administering first aid or managing a symptomatic child. We are informed this WILL arrive on Monday. If, however it doesn’t we will not be able to open. Please check your emails.

If your child is returning, please tell them there may be times when they see some staff in PPE. This does not mean there is an emergency. It might be helpful to show younger children some images of non hospital PPE. When our kits is complete we will try and post some pictures. Below is an example:

Please also talk to child about teachers and staff looking forward to seeing them AND school looking a bit different. Each school and bubble will be carefully and sensitively introduced to new routines and expectations.Please be assured we understand that children will respond differently. We are here to reassure and help.

Please tell them we are still very much here for them. The staff are very keen for them to return too  but we have to make sure everyone stays as safe as possible.  Online learning and ‘keeping in touch’ calls will continue for children not attending.

I will reiterate, that we are at the earliest stages of phase two of the governments easing of lockdown. I urge our communities to remain hyper vigilant as relaxing of measures will be interpreted very differently by individuals and groups. Whilst we hope the gradual re-opening doesn’t cause further spikes, I do want to remind families that sudden and short term closures may be likely in all schools, particularly as Norfolk is a focus area for the ‘track and trace’ strategy.  This may mean groups in school are directed to self isolate whether symptomatic or not. I also think it is important that this is communicated to children so that they understand the actions of adults and feel empowered to minimise risk (as age appropriate).

Again, I am really sorry to not bring brighter news for other children, and I hope you know that are actions are driven by the will to get it right for the children, staff and community.

Binks Neate-Evans 
Executive Principal 
Bignold Primary, Angel Road Junior and Angel Road Infant and Nursery schools, Norwich